Your Body, Your Words

Language Jewelry

“The process of making language is so physical. We notate sounds as symbols and write them all over our planet and on ourselves. We note where we came from, what we imagine, and how to go places. And so language to us is a navigation system. Bringing words to the body introduces language in the most personal of spaces."  —Yael Kanarek, artist & founder (2013)

KANAREK Jewelry celebrates the body as a site for expression. Most of  our language jewelry is made to order and we work in a multitude of languages. Any style can be produced in a variety of metals, ranging from sterling silver to rose, white, or yellow gold. Can you spot the secret diamond?

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Resist Bracelet
from 200.00

Custom Jewelry: Initials and Diamonds

Here are two examples of custom pieces we made for our clients, who were both families of daughters. We integrated the initials of their names with 2mm diamonds.  Write to us about your custom jewelry.



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