Run, Ladies, Run!

For the Runner in All of Us

Admittedly, I was never a runner. Not for lack of trying, though. My best time was 2 miles in 40 minutes after running for eight months (don’t laugh. Okay laugh.)

Yael Kanarek
Wear a Poem

Close to Your Heart

Bringing exceptional verse close to the heart has a been a mission of ours and a source of great inspiration. Here are three poems by masters of the pen, Khalil Gibran, Leah Goldberg, and Gertrude Stein.

Yael Kanarek
Green Tara Mantra Jewelry

The Rescuer From Bad Dreams

The earrings and pendant are designed in a beautiful Tibetan script. The mantra repeats twice with OM at the top and the bottom. These fine jewelry pieces are created in 18K gold and white diamonds pave and made to order.

Yael Kanarek
Meet Eileen Preiss

Imagine Peace

"What would make an impact on women in a very practical way, that would allow them to participate in establishment institutions, where they had been pretty much rejected?"

Yael Kanarek
Meet Kerry Ryan

Love, Life and Family

"I wanted something a little more personal to me, not only are the words beautiful and have meaning to me, but James Joyce is Irish and I grew up in Ireland so the words are a more intimate choice for me. My life is about love."

Yael Kanarek
Meet Blossom Leilani Crawford

Sing my song

We met with Blossom Leilani Crawford, at her sun-lit studio, Bridges Pilates, in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. A year prior, we created for her a custom necklace that says, "Sing my song KSG." 

Yael Kanarek
Meet Stephanie Caplan

Keeping the stars apart

We loved collaborating on this bracelet with calligrapher Stephanie Caplan, who like us, is inspired by the idea of words and typography in art.

Yael Kanarek
Meet Anna Rozenfeld

Love to death!

"I share Celia Dropkin’s belief in passionate and overwhelming love as the driving force of both the artistic expression and of the personal world of emotions." 

Yael Kanarek
Meet Judy Bebelaar

Quiet pools

If there weren't all these freeways
I would love you
like the Indians in Ojai
bending trees over creeks
so people forever would know
the fish lie thick
in quiet pools.

Yael Kanarek