Yael Kanarek | Founder

Through storytelling and translation, Yael Kanarek has reshaped cultural associations of language. Her work enters spaces of meaning determined by global networks and her observation of the Internet as a metaphorical space written in human and computer languages. In recent years, her creative practice centers on the dynamics and form of multilingualism and the synchronization of narrative with standard time.



Ori Kushnir

A physicist by training, Ori Kushnir has spent most of his career at the junction of engineering and math - creating abstractions for already somewhat abstract problems. Ori's involvement in the development KANAREK NYC represents his first foray into the creation of physical objects.


Grey delfina.jpg

Delfina Roybal

Delfina Roybal is an emerging Artist and Stylist with a passion for art and culture. A native of New York's East Village, she has been working on some exciting new collections recently, which ring true to her heritage (Indigenous, Hispanic, and Jewish) while over see'ing all social media and providing office and production assistance.