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I'm so happy to collaborate with Karen and Smashing the Glass. I design rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches, cufflinks, tie bars and one-of-a-kind pieces in my New York City studio. Our jewelry is handmade by local artisans in a variety of metals, diamonds, and gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, and tourmaline. With Hebrew as one of my mother tongues, I work with my customers to translate the language they love into beautiful jewelry.

With spirit, Yael


We adore how unique, chic and stylish, KANAREK fine Jewelry collection is. The quirky pieces make the perfect gift for your bride, groom and even your special bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Handmade in NYC, each piece celebrates language and words. A truly special gift that your loved ones will treasure always. 

Love Karen x

XO Necklace
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